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At Unlimited Manufacturing Solutions, we're your gateway to the world of electrohydraulic servo valves (EHSV), where precision meets hydraulic power. Servo valves and servo-proportional valves play a pivotal role in industries that demand exacting control over hydraulic fluid distribution to actuators. These valves are designed to transform changing input signals, whether analog or digital, into seamless movements within hydraulic systems.

Control at Your Fingertips

Our electrohydraulic servo valves are under your command. By applying a low voltage input, you gain control over these valves. This input voltage is skillfully channeled into an amplifier, which empowers you to dictate the valve's position. Once commanded, the valve orchestrates the precise delivery of hydraulic power to an actuator. To ensure accuracy, a feedback transducer is employed on the actuator, sending an electrical signal back to the amplifier. This signal conditions the voltage's strength, effectively regulating the servo valve's performance.

Applications Beyond the Ordinary

The applications of servo valves are as diverse as they are precise. Take, for instance, the realm of blow molding, where servo valves govern the thickness of extruded plastic, forming bottles and containers through deformable dies. In this modern adaptation, mechanical feedback has given way to electric feedback with a position transducer. Integrated electronics seamlessly close the position loop for the valve's spool, making it a perfect fit for electrohydraulic systems with stringent dynamic response requirements.

Another compelling example is the regulation of fuel flow into a turbofan engine controlled by FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). A noteworthy instance is Honeywell's servo valve, an integral component of the fuel control system for the CFM International CFM56 engine, propelling passenger aircraft like the Boeing 737NG and Airbus A320.

Principle of Precision

Understanding the inner workings of servo valves unveils their precision-driven operation. An electric command signal, which serves as the flow rate set point, interfaces with the integrated position controller. This controller, in turn, actuates the pilot stage. The nozzle flapper system, deflected by this action, creates a pressure differential across the drive areas of the spool, influencing its movement. Meanwhile, a position transducer, excited by an oscillator, meticulously gauges the spool's position, generating an actual value in the form of position voltage.

This signal is then demodulated and fed back into the controller, where it harmonizes with the command signal. The controller diligently manipulates the pilot stage until the disparity between the command signal and feedback signal reaches zero. Consequently, the spool's position becomes directly proportional to the electric command signal.

Unlimited Manufacturing Solutions is your partner in accessing the realm of servo valves, where precision, control, and innovation converge. Contact us today to explore how these valves can revolutionize your industrial applications.